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Wax My Boat Kit | Jescar Power Lock 16oz

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Jescar Power Lock Kit Includes :

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant. Jescar has been our go to sealant for years! It was a tested, tried and true product. If you are wanting to give your boat an amazing shine along with 4 to 6 solid months of protecting this is your product! simply apply Jescar power lock to the boats surface, let it cure for 15 mins then take 2 dry microfiber towels to wipe off the excess sealant. Its that easy! 


Buff and Shine Uro MicroFiber 5inch. This pad has been our go to pad for applying Jescar power lock for a few reasons. First, its thin pad so you will not waste a lot of product that can get soaked into the foam pads. Second this pad is technically a polishing pad. When you use this pad on a DA like the Maxshine M8s v2 it can give you a slight polishing effect which will make your boat even more glossy! 


4 MicroFiber Towels. These simple yet plush microfiber towels are what you'll use to remove the Jescar power lock after it cures for 15 mins on the boats surface. These microfibers are perfect for removing sealants, applying Si02 sprays and more! 

Customer Reviews

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Alan Siegel
First time user.

The wax went on reasonably well. Wiping off the haze was also a reasonable task. I felt that the squeeze bottle was the bigest problem. The bottle had to be squeezed hard to get the wax out. The bottle was not the typical plastic bottle that wax comes in. I had to squeeze the bottle hard to get the wax out. The bottle was more like a super thick potato chip bag. It made the same crinkly noise a potatoe chip bag would make if you wrinkled the bag. The bottle popped a hole in it half way down the bottle. So squeezing the bottle hard resulted in wax comming out the newly created hole as well as the spout. I was not pleased with that happening. So it dosent dry out in the bottle, I'm sealing the hole with duct tape untill I have to use the wax again.

Randy Wardell

Love the products and your service. I appreciate your willingness to help DYIs to do a great job on their own boats