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Lake Country Orange Force Pad

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Lake Country Orange Force Pad

Force Pads are our Go To foam pad here at Detail U for the force rotation polishers. Lake country Force Pads are designed to be used with force rotation or gear given polishers like the rules mille or flex 3401. If you have a force rotation machine these are the foams pads you'll want! Now lets break down the different colors:

Grey: Designed to be super firm and cut oxidation and heavy swirls. Use this pad with cleaner wax or polish to get a great 1 step shine.

Orange: All are go to foam pad for finishing every boat! this pad is stiff enough to get out heavy swirls and scratches and when paired with the correct polish will leave a perfect swirl free finish! You must have this pad in your box!

White: Great for light polishing, waxing or getting a super refined finish. This pad is a great option on darker colored boats or use this pad with shine supply slick back before ceramic coating.