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IGNITION is a silica infused waterless wash spray detailer that is excellent for cleaning light dust & grime off your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This unique formula cleans, creates ridiculous shine and leaves the surface protected. 

  • Streak-free formula. 

  • Advanced silica nano technology. 

  • Leaves surface extremely slick and shiny. 

  • Exclusive surfactants and emulsifiers cut through dust and grime. 

  • Works on paint, glass & chrome.

  • Excellent for ceramic coated OR non-coated vehicles. 


Shake well. Always work from the top down. Spray directly onto the surface. Make sure to completely saturate the area to be cleaned which allows the product to emulsify and loosen the debris on the surface. Wipe area using a soft, plush microfiber towel using straight lines. Flip towel to a clean side after each panel. After all dirt is removed use a clean microfiber towel with another light spritz of IGNITION to remove any streaks.