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DIY Boat Maintenance Detail Kit | Shine Supply

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This is the perfect kit to maintain your boat! 💯

What's in the kit?

AFTERMATH - water spot remover/quick detail spray:

You've had fun on the water all day but now it's time to clean up. Aftermath quickly removes water spots from the day and leaves the surface glossy, along with boosting protection. The traditional vinegar and water method to remove water spots will dry out our gelcoat and strip any protection you have on the surface. Aftermath enhances the finish rather than leaving it dry and dull.

SUNSETTER - vinyl seat cleaner/conditioner:

Sunsetter cleans and conditions, leaving your seats hydrated and protected. Using this product on a regular basis will help prevent cracking and fading...and don't worry, it won't leave your seats greasy like cheap dressings. Our unique formula absorbs into the seats, leaving them dry to the touch.



Shine Supply took unique synthetic materials and blended them with silica to make the ultimate detail spray. Punch-it adds protection and creates an extremely hydrophobic, slick, self-cleaning surface which keeps your boat cleaner, longer. Works awesome on all exterior surfaces of the boat so there’s no limit to what you can knock out with this product.


Shift Soap 16oz

Soap is soap right? Wrong... SHIFT soap is a highly purified vehicle shampoo! Shine supply really out did themselves with SHIFT, They packed this soap with the best cleaning agents and conditioners on the market to give your boat or cars a perfect wash every time! Shift is ECO FRIENDLY so it can be used over the water and it can also be used on waxed or ceramic coated boats! Do your boat a solid and wash with SHIFT soap!


4 Standard Microfiber Towels: 

These Standard Microfiber Towels are perfect for everything boat detailing. We use these towels for leveling ceramic, wiping off waxes & sealants, cleaning and much more. These are the perfect microfiber towel for your boat or boat detailing business