Boat Detailing Pads!

Boat Detailing Pads!



In this video I will teach you all about boat detailing pads! I go over wool pads, foam pads and microfiber pads. I am also going to talk about great products and machines for boat detailing professionals and DIY'ers. If you want to learn how to detail a boat like a pro watch this video! All of the boat detailing products used in this video are linked below! 👇

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🧼 Boat Detailing Products


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Pads: Double Side Wool:

👉 White Wool Double Sided Heavy Cut Wool Pad

👉 Yellow Wool Double Sided Med Cut Wool Pad

👉 Double Side Pad Adaptor

Single Side Wool:

👉 White Wool Single Side Heavy Cut Wool Pad

👉 Yellow Wool Single Side Med Cut Wool Pad

Foam CCS ( Use on Maxshine m8sv2 DA )

👉 Maxshine m8sv2 DA ( Get 15% OFF Discount Code: DRAKE15 @ Checkout )

👉 White Foam CCS Polishing Pad Force Pads: ( Use on force rotation polisher )

👉 Grey Lake Country Foam

👉 Orange Lake Country Foam Pad ( Menzerna 400 )

👉 White Lake Country Foam Pad ( Starke Hyper Hold )

Microfiber pad:

👉 Uro Microfiber Pad Machines: - Makita Rotary Buffer - Rupes Mille - Da Machine for Waxing ( Get 15% OFF Discount Code: DRAKE15 @ Checkout )

Compound & Pads

👉 Heavy Cut

👉 White Wool Pad

👉 Chop Top

👉 Yellow Wool

👉 Chop Top

👉 White CCS Foam Pad


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